Transformations And Similarity

Ms. B Smith 3rd Period class .

It's Very Simple !

Similarity is very simple. If and when you're trying to find out if a figure is similar you look at its shape, sides, and angle measurements. If a figure's sides have the same scale factor (a number used as a multiplier in scaling), then you must keep solving the rest of the sides of that figure . If not, then the figures are automatically not congruent.  In order to solve it, you have to set up a porportion. For example watch this link to understand . After watching this video similarity is pretty self explantory. In some problems your teacher might ask what transformations are used. To still have a similar figure you can only use translations when an object is moved from its original spot, rotation when a figure is rotated in a clockwise or counterclockwiise directon, or reflection when a figure is flipped or either the x oy y or both axis.

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