My PAAC portfolio

Projects I did this year...

I did this California postcard ,because one day I want  to go to California.

This is another project I did. I did this project when  we were learning about  fashion design. I had to E-Mail this to my teacher.

This is one of my first projects done in class and  I did this usingPhotoshop.

I did this project  when we were beginning to do digital photography ,and we used pages.

I did this using pages ,we were told to do a copy of our id badge that we use and this is the result.

This is another project  we were told to do in class. We were told to search a college and I picked University of Texas at San Antonio.

We were  were game designing and were told to do a presentation about a video game ,and I did it on Great Auto Theft 5 on Prezi.

We had also done keynote presentations and we did a trailer for a movie. One animation we did was the penny bounce because we took a lot of pictures of a penny in different positions then we made them into a video to make it seem like its moving/bouncing.

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