Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are known as America's greatest bandits by many. What do you think their greatest achievement was? Was it the fact that they never kept one stolen item for more than 1 month? Or was it that they stole almost five thousand dollars from a bank?

How did they do it?

These great thieves kept up their crimes for two years. Their main reason of robbery was, of course, money. It all started during the Great Depression. The traveled through Kansas, Texas, Alabama, and many more stealing whatever caught their eye. They also had many accomplices along the way.


These criminals were almost thugs. They were ruthless, mean, and they stopped for nothing. Clyde was arrested early in the spree. He made a plan to escape by losing two toes so his sentence was shortened. Bonnie drove the getaway car for them even though it was always new, because they kept stealing new cars. They never stayed in one hideout at a time.  They were always on the move.

Minds and Relations

Although Bonnie and Clyde were not married, they had an unbreakable bond that bound them together. Them and anyone else with them were called "The Barrow Gang". Both of them were killed in a car by lawmen in an ambush in May, 1934. They were both filled with bullets by many guns.


They both had very poor families and backgrounds. They were also both dropouts. Bonnie was married at the age of 16. Her husband was arrested and they both met through a mutual friend. Bonnie left her husband without a second thought and she never saw him again.  


Their story is a great one, but it is different from folktales about them "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor" or them being a love story. These great minds were the best at what they did. Every town and city had them in their newspapers and on wanted posters. They had many movies made about them. Bonnie and Clyde truly had a legendary status.







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