Residential Garage Door Choices – How To Enhance The Street Appeal Of Your Home

For any homeowner, their house and property happens to be their masterpiece. Every painstaking effort they take to select the perfect embellishment and enhancement to the structure is done to ensure that their home becomes comfortable, safe and of course beautiful. The exterior of the house happens to be just as important as the interior. This is one of the reasons why picking out the most perfect residential garage door for the structure is important. It just adds that much more aesthetic appeal to the structure. The market has many products to offer in case you too are looking for a garage door to enhance your home’s exteriors. Here is a roundup of all the best ones.

The Eastman Estate vintages residential garage door

The very name of this model is enough to make you think of old country homes and amazingly beautiful designs. This door is designed with a distinctive modern approach, estate elegance and authentic heritage styling. The estate elegance is seen in the door's traditional design, forged iron look hardware, woodgrain finish and an array of decorative windows. But do not mistake it for only having the looks. This garage door has all the strength necessary to protect your home and the durability to last with your home for years to come. It comes in many colors-desert sand, dark sand, claystone and even moka brown—enough options for you to select from.

The economical performer

This residential garage door is one of the biggest favourites in the market owing to its high end aesthetic appeal and a lower end price tag. This door has Ruff-Tex finish that looks like wood, raised panel design of deep embossed and tongue and groove construction to align and seal sections for a weather proof and snug fit. This standard garage door is the one you see in most houses across your street. The standard colours available would be polar white and bone white, although some manufacturing companies will also offer custom designs for a slightly higher cost.

The Classic wood residential garage doors

The natural handcrafted wood beauty of this door makes it stand out among other residential doors. Wood is always a great choice in terms of aesthetic appeal and this garage door will surely make your homes exteriors look amazing. It is designed to provide the requisite strength and durability necessary to protect your home. It is constructed with grade wood ready to be painted or stained and hemlock wood frame. Shemrock, Redwood and Cedar are the main choices available when it comes to the types of wood you can use.

Customised varieties

In case you are not looking to go with these standardised designs, my suggestion would be that you approach a residential garage door manufacturer with what you have in mind to have a custom model created just for you. The price tag will of course be heavy but you will definitely be able to get exactly what you want.

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