Drew Brees

By Emory McPeek


Do you like the New Orleans Saints ? How about a certain player ? This is a biography about Drew Brees. He is the quarterback for the Saints. This will tell you about his life. It has his early life, personality, and traits.

Early Years

Drew Brees grew up in Austin, Texas. His favorite football team was the Dallas Cowboys. He loved to play Super Mario. Bros. His favorite snack food was pretzels.

Contributions to New Orleans

Drew Brees helped rebuild New Orleans by fixing damage done after Hurricane Katrina. He also was a big helper when it came to giving to charity.


Drew Brees took initiative by being one of the first people to help with Hurricane Katrina.


Drew Brees is kind. He is also brave to be a quarterback in tackle football because it is painful to be one when all the people on the other team are trying to tackle you.

Other Fun Facts

He wears the # 9 because the Boston Red Sox legend wore the # 9 and that was Drew's favorite baseball player. Also, His favorite moment in football was when he was holding his son on a stage after he won the super bowl. He was voted quarterback of the year as well.


All in all, if you like Drew Brees then this was a good biography for you!


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