Mark Twain's

Introduction of Mark Twain

Hi my name is Mark Twain. I have four brothers and two sisters and I was the sixth child born. I was born on November 30,1835 and died on April 21,1910. I also became a American Anti Imperialist Vice President in 1901.

My family lived in Florida, MO  and moved to Hannibal, MO.

When I grew Up

When I was 11, my father died.  My brother died in a explosion. I have been a gold prospector and a steamboat pilot.  Then I was a writer,and I became famous by being a traveler writer. There are still people that are reading my books today.  My first book was Innocent Aboard. I also was famous by not only being a  American literature and  

My Future life

My wife is Olivia Lizy Langdon. Our son was Langdon and  we had a three daughters named Susy, Clara, and Jean. We finally moved to Hartford.MO.