Erie Canal


About the Erie Canals

The Erie canals opened in 1825, the Erie Canal was one of the most extraordinary engineering feats of the 19th century, connecting eastern ports and manufacturing with the rest of the country. That Erie canals was the hards to developed the people was taking to link to lake Erie and the other Great lakes with the atlantic coast through a canal. They start to connect to other lake to trade and ship goods to different places. Then it was slow to get thing from one place to a although place and they had to get the goods and put the canals on to the wagon  and now it is faster to get thing to get to a although place and they only have to get it to a port to put it on a truck. then you don't have to worries no more. Then it will take them a  weeks or 2. Now it is easy to get thing to place and i dont have to take us week or 2 week to get the goods to the place.

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