Final Crystal

My crystal didn’t grow very quickly and it didn’t grow very much. On the first day when there was no crystal inside the solution, it formed quite large crystals very quickly but by the second day, it didn’t grow very much. During the crystal growing process, sometimes the crystal didn’t grow at all and even when I put my jar with the solutions and the crystal inside of it to speed up the growing process, the crystal didn’t grow at all and the only thing that happened was that my solution level went down by a lot.

This artwork demonstrates the properties of a crystal because it is translucent. Crystals are translucent because it allows light to pass through it but on the opposite side, the light is not clearly visible and is distorted. It also allows the refraction of light because at different angles the crystal is like a mirror and will refract light off the crystal’s surface. The artwork also allows dispersion and permits the colours of the spectrum to shine off the crystal in different wavelengths showing the different colours of the rainbow.