Israeli Child Soldiers


     In Israel, child labor laws were violated due to the Israeli Army needing more soldiers and children are easier to convince than adults. Also there are more children so when they die or get hurt it's no big deal because they have plenty of backups.

     The Human Right that is being violated in the right to human. The child soldiers are not being treated like humans, some children even get used as sex slaves. The "soldiers" treat the children as a piece of meat, like their lives don't even matter. They get used as protection, sometimes even bait, or anything else that helps the adult soldiers stay alive. ("Child Soldiers: Israel and Palestine")

     The children suffer from getting their life taken away from them. They didn't choose to get killed, or used as bait. The goal is to use the children to brainwash them and make them kill the enemies. Children are easier to be brainwashed. Also if the adults don't want to die, they'll just send a child because there are many more.

     People have traveled to the countries using child soldiers and tried to save them. All around the globe there are organizations who have made a website or a film showing the hardships of the child soldiers. They have tried to get people to send money to help the countries.

     We can try to prevent this violation by letting people live the way they want to. If they choose to be a child soldier, then left them. If they choose not to be a child soldier, then they shouldn't be forced to. We can try to do this by eliminating all the groups that use children soldiers. We need many countries to help this plan to make it effective.

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