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The official name for mexico is the united mexican states. this state is a awesome place to vacation you can see the great landscapes and eat the amazing food like achladas, tacos, burritos, and rice and beans.But thats not all there are also great suvaneres like a sombreros with salsa and dip in them. the trip truly worth it.

climate /weather

the weather in mexico is not only determined by latitude but altitude too .mexico has dry desert and tropical forest mexicos terrian is extremely varied so the weather is also.But mexico does have days that are chilly.

hotels /campgrounds /transpotration


four seasons hotel

marquis reforma hotel and spa

camino real polanco

room mate valentina

hotel habita


The little mexican campground (famous)





ways to get to mexico


Car -the only way for you to enter into mexico is with a temporary  import permit

Car  rentals

Buses- they are the most comfortable ways to travel to mexico

Passenger trains- currently the only have one passenger train that opperates in the country El chepe  

Art and Culture

Arts and culture are a very important part of the mexican society . And there are many diffrenent acheivements thats mexico has.  

mexicos culture is very similer to eveyone in mexico because most mexican speak hispananic and thats there culuter they celebrate very diffrent holidays also.


the main thing mexicans put in there food is corn,corn and more corn they have corn in there tortillas bread also one of there main ingreadents is flour mexico has a wide variety of food including candy .

They serve chili and it has a strong hot flavor this also a food they use in there food alot there main componet to make chili hot is tabasco sauce its a hot sauce.but moving on they also have restrants were you can get this food like:

alfredo di roma

azul y oro

sports and beaches /parks

The most popular sport in mexico is soccer but they dont call it soccer they call it football.Also bullfighting is a very important in mexico  

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