Medieval Knights

By:Christian Leone

This is a knight. I will be teaching all about knights what qualifications to be one, there job, where they get the armor, when there weapons were made etc.

About a knights armor. A knights armor is super expensive and very hard to create. They were tailor made just to fit the knight exactly. There armor showed a status the better quality of the armor the more importance toward that knight. Armor was introduced in the 15th century and weighs about 50 pounds. The armor was heavy enough to protect the knight but quicker fighting on the battlefield. The armor was a complex series of chain mail and iron plates. The armor had most protection on the most vulnerable parts of the knights body. There was armor to protect there neck also. They got there armor from having people custom make it. a knights job was to protect people and fight other people.

They protected the Lords and kings. They fought other people cause they were trying to conquer there lands so they would fight for it. The qualifications to become a knight is you have to start training at a very young age. It takes a lot of years to train to became one you need to learn battle strategies how to fight correctly how to handle a sword and get used to having armor on them also how to ride a horse. Being a knight was not easy one bit.

There weapons were custom made in the 15th century when they were creating the armor for them. They made there swords axes and other battle materials to fight the other knights. The knights would wear a special color and symbol on there shirts and shields because that was there coat of arm and that is who they are fighting for there family and to protect the other people.

The daily life of a knight is once they wake up in the morning they go to mass to pray. There first meal of the day was breakfast. Then after they have breakfast they would go and practice there skills knights would include discussions on warfare strategies and increasing his knowledge on siege weapons and warfare. next was middle morning prayers and a meal, then as the day progressed it became refined and elegant. They were supposed to understand the rules of chivalry. Then in the afternoon they would practice there horsemanship and join the Lord in hunting, hawking, or inspecting the estate. next was evening prayer and supper in the hall of Castle or the manor house. After supper there might be some entertainment music, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, jesters, etc. Then to finish off the day bedtime prayers. That is there daily lives. This is some things about knight what they do how they do it and how it started. That is the life of a knight.

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