Inheritance Journal

1) Inheritance - A thing that is inherited by your parents or someone.

2) Junior from the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian inherited his reservation. He was poor like his parents because of the res and had bad land to grow crops and more. He also inherited his grandmas stuff like he didn't drink like the other Indians and Junior didn't drink too.

3) Frederick Douglass lived in a small home but was also a slave when he was growing up, he was beaten everyday and was giving very little food. As he got older he inherited knowledge that helped him through slavery and settee him free like a butterfly.

4) As we readed. Oth of these books we inherit something, now that something is big in you. I inherited not to take knowledge for granted and learn what I can learn from teachers. What Junior did was walk miles and miles just to go to school and learn, he also told us not to slack off and learn while we are still young.