Feudal  Japan

Guiding Questions with answers:

1: What is feudalism?                                                                                                                                      Feudalism is the sharing of power between  two or more groups, organizations, or businesses and the members of it.

2: What led to the rise of feudalism in Japan?                                                                                         What had led to the rise of feudalism in Japan is a weak central government. The emperor  had no REAL power unlike what we might think. That is why feudalism started in Japan.

3: What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?                                                                                                                                              Three art forms from Ancient Japan are  literature,  the samurai code ( A.K.A. Bushido), and their religion. These three art forms had impacted the society by giving the people something to live by or what you might say look by. The people of Japan wrote poetry, used the samurai code as a way of life, and they got taught Christianity and Buddhism.

4: What was the social structure of feudal Japan? Be sure to explain why each class is placed where they were in the Japanese social structure.                                                                      The social structure of feudal Japan went Peasants, which were the lowest class( the people that did normal things, like working, and washing dishes), the samurai warriors, who lived by the code of conduct,  the Daimyo, and the shogun, which is the emperor.

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