Lord Montague,
A 5-Day Life Story, Act 5

Alas, God has forsaken me... He has taken away my greatest treasure from me; Not my power, wealth, or fame, God has taken from me the lives of my dear ones. Why... Why... has God shown such wrath towards my family... My dear Romeo, my dear wife...

My wife, she passed away due to a broken heart of Romeo being banished from Verona, the least God could have given her was just a few hours to see our son, although he would have been found dead... My wife, she had been sick for a few days now, after Romeo was banished. Her last words were " Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou not next to me, Romeo" After hearing my lady say that I felt like I died inside, but nothing could be worse. Alas, there is always something worse. Balthasar came to me and brought me down to the Capulet tomb, he was saying nonsense about how Romeo was found dead. No, it must have been an imposter. No, not my son, too. When I got there, the Capulets were there, the watch, and when I went inside, Romeo. It was Romeo, dead, and that Juliet girl next to him with a knife stabbed in her heart, but how? Wasn't that Juliet girl dead already? How could she be bleeding now? Why was Romeo next to her in the Capulet catacombs? Those were my thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness. When I came awake again, I was summoned by the prince and there, I learned everything. Romeo had been in love with Juliet, he had married her, then he got banished, and Juliet acted dead to not marry Paris. After that Romeo came to Juliet and killed himself, it seemed, and then Juliet killed herself after seeing her love dead. Oh, God, woe be with me for celebrating Juliet's death before, for it has only brought sorrow to everyone I know. I have now made peace with my brother Capulets, and we shall make a gold statue celebrating the couple's love. We shall make them happy in the heavens, we shall make future generation forget our conflict. For the best of Verona, for the best of Romeo, for the best of Juliet. Adieu, adieu...

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2 years ago

Lord Montague. I feel very bad for you. I wonder if you can forgive me for all the sins that I have done against you and your families. I am deeply regretting for all the things that had lead to death of Juliet and others. Anyways, have some rest.