By Gavin Pearson

Laozi was the founder of the 2nd great philosophy in China, Daoism.  "When Laozi was 90 years old he grew tired of government work and decided to leave China."  While laozi was making his departure a guard noticed that he was leaving.  The guard asked him to write down his thoughts. This was the creation of the Dao de Jing.  "Daoism follows the beliefs of Yin and Yang." Yin and Yang is the balance of opposing forces. "Daoists taught that people followed the way of nature by living lives of quiet meditation."  Daoist followers lived a very simple life.  So in conclusion daoism was created because laosi was leaving China and he wrote down his thoughts before he left.

This a picture if yin and yang.  "Yin means shaded and yang means sunlit."  In human life this means that the world is made up of total opposites.  "According to daoists  nature is full of opposites."  For example, life and death, and light and dark are total opposites.  "In this picture yin is the dark part and yang is the light part."  It makes sense because yin is darkness and on the picture it is black. Same for yang, it means light and it is white.  In the end, yin and yang is the balance of opposing forces.

This picture shows a daoist follower meditating.  "Daoist believers thought they should live a simple life."  They should accept whatever comes, like a blade of grass, if the wind knocks you down, it gets right back up again.  "Daoists also believed that people followed the way of nature through meditation."  Meditation is a practice that clears the mind and helps you focus.  "Daoists said the nothing in nature strives for fame, power, or knowledge." This is how the daoists were supposed to live.  A quiet life while not trying to be big and great.  In conclusion, meditation was a big part in daoism life.

This picture shows a ruler doing his job, not ruling.  "The best rulers were the rulers who ruled the least." People were expected to find the Dao themselves. With to many laws and restrictions  it was impossible to do.  "The Dao de Jing says, "Governing a large country is like frying a small fish."  This means that if u mess with it too much, you'll spoil it.  "Daoism affected the way that rulers ruled." It told them that if you rule the least the state or empire will be in the best shape.  Lastly, rulers were told to govern less to let people find the dao.

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