gas vans

This picture is of a mobile gas van the nazis used to gas the jewish population without the use of concentration camps. They put the Jewish population in the back of the truck and they would empty carbon monoxide and zyklon B gas with water to create the gas in the back of the vans. The people who drive the gas vans are called the Einstatzgruppen. The drivers would wear gas masks when they killed the jews so they did not die themselves. The Gas would slowly suffocate them and it would take 3-30 minutes to suffocate them. The Van would either gas them in the van or they would bring them to the concentration camp to make them work if they thought they were strong enough. They had different Einstatgruppen for different sects. One of them was group B which would transport prisoners, transport the mentally and physically disabled, they would also bring there own groups to the prisoners so the prisoners can be fired upon and killed.

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