Police Brutality

By: Odelia Moses

Black Panthers

The black panthers were a group of mainly African American citizens who tried to get equal privileges for other African American citizens such as decent housing and education, an end to capitalist exploitation, and police brutality. The group usually wore combat jackets and berets as a uniform. Armed with rifles, parading militia-style, raised fists and chanting is how the Black Panthers protested. Over time, founding members Huey Newton and Bobby Seale were often arrested. The FBI and police would perform illegal actions such as raids on the homes of the panthers which sometimes resulted in deaths. December 4, 1969 2 members were killed. A couple years later, 2 members of the group got into a dispute. The argument caused much tension within the organization. Much later after the 1960's the organization lost much of its popularity and support. In 1990, Newtown was killed in Oakland while buying drugs. Former member Bobby Rush later became part of the US House of representatives, representing the First Illinois Congressional District.

Eric Garner

Eric Garner unfortunately was one of the many that had their lives taken by the police. Garner first came into contact with the police for selling individual cigarettes on the black market, avoiding tax pay to the gov't.When the police tried to capture him for the crime, Garner resisted and one of the officers then put Garner in a choke hold, who repeatedly said, "I can't breathe" while being held face down in the concrete. It was after Garner stopped moving that the police called the ambulance to take him to the hospital. Garner died of a heart attack on the way there.Of course this sparked anger towards the police, especially since they were found not guilty of all charges. The whole altercation was caught on video mind you. Which means there was evidence. Though this probably triggered anger of all races everywhere, You can bet that the African American community was the most affected. Not saying that other races don't face police brutality or things in that nature, But when is the last time you've seen a Caucasian being attacked? A Mexican? Am Indian? Even if you have ask yourself this. When have you seen an African American get attacked and the attacker been proven guilty? 70 cases have been reported. Not one person has been proven Guilty due to "lack of evidence" or something in that nature. Protests have been at an all time high, And sadly they will probably continue to soar because of the injustice.   

Selma To Montgomery March

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The Selma march of 1965 depicts what happened when citizens that protested in PEACE were brutally attacked by state troopers for no reason. Among the attack tear gas was also used. Another historical event that relates to the Selma march was bloody Sunday. Like the Selma marchers, protesters were protesting peacefully & when felt threatened by the police ran away/. Instead of the police leaving as well, they instead chased the protesters down. That soon turned fatal when one family ran into a nearby diner to hide. The police soon found them and began beating them. In the act of trying to shield his mother, a black man by the name of Jimmy Lee was shot in the stomach. He died a couple of days later from his injuries.

Detroit riots of 1967


In Detroit sometime in 1967, many riots broke out. The main causes were because of police brutality and oppression. Many of them happened by the police killings and beatings. Among the other notable case of police brutality in the years leading up to the riots was the severe beating of Howard king, a black teenager, for allegedly disturbing the peace. Police commissioner George Edwards did try to recruit and promote African-American police officers. However, he refused to establish a civilian police review board, which upset the African-American population.

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