Farm to Fork


Product by Frito-Lays.

Do you know what Doritos are made of? Do you know where the ingredients come from? Do you think you know? Probably not. Doritos is a product of Frito-Lays, it was founded by Arch West. Doritos was created and introduced in 1964. Then 2 years later, on 1966 it went nationwide and was a big hit. Doritos are one of the many popular chips Frito-Lays made.

Where Is It Raised?

The ingredients used come from all different placed in the world, it uses resources from every single continent.

Doritos has 27 total ingredients, most made with corn(e.g. dextrose, maltodextrin e.t.c), it also has tortilla chips made with corn as well. The corn is mostly made in the U.S. and Mexico, the reason that corn is used in most of the ingredients is because it's cheap(because it's mass produced) and is easy to make. Doritos also have cheese in it, cow milk and goat milk. The cow milk is used to make cheddar cheese and the goat milk makes romano cheese. These are mostly raised in North and South American, European, Asian and African farmers. It also has vegetable oil that is made from rapeseed that comes from Indian, Chinese, Australian, European and North American farmers.

Where Is It Manufactured?

Doritos are manufactured all over the world, but the biggest manufacturers are North America because that was its 'home'. It is manufactured by Frito-Lays workers and it was specifically made by Americans but since it was a big trend, it spread to various locations. First Americas neighbors, Canada and Mexico, then it spread to Europe and South America. Soon enough it was manufactured everywhere in the world, but it is still most produced by North America.

You can find a Doritos factory very close to Mississauga, the factory is in Cambridge and also makes Lays, Cheetos, Smart Food Popcorn and Sunchips. You can also find another factory in Ancaster.

Where Is It Transported?

Doritos are transported in many ways, trucks, airplanes, trains and ships e.t.c. They're mostly transported by trucks because since you can find a factory almost everywhere and stores or convenience stores are common they don't need trains or airplanes to transport them. Sometimes on the rare occasion where they use airplanes or trains it's probably over the ocean or all the way across the country. They are transported by Frito-Lay workers or ordinary truck drivers or load ships, trains or airplanes with their product over sea to countries that are in a state that can't get from somewhere close they would need people to ship it in, for places like Palestine.

Where Is It Eaten?

Doritos are most common in North America, they can be found on shelves of every store. That might not be the case for other countries, like Palestine because of the state it's in. It's eaten everywhere just not as much in other places.

What Happens To The Waste?

Doritos can be recycled, but at a specific store, if not people just throw it in the garbage and that's what you have to do. You can't just recycle it because it will not be recycled properly.


The multi billion dollar company is following the new trend of farm to fork, the production is not biological, it once was but not through the process. This isn't the only chip brand that does this, a bunch of other Frito-Lay chips follow the exact process just with different ingredients, this is nothing new.

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