Sydney Courtesan or Sydney Escorts or The Best of Both Worlds?

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Courtesan or Sydney Escorts or The Best of Both Worlds?

“The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.” Madame de Stael.

When you are in Sydney, Australia looking for an experience, consider spending an amazing evening with one of the best Courtesan services in the industry. Hush sydney escorts provide a service that is more akin to that of a courtesan than a typical escort experience. If you want a luxury date spent sailing the Great Barrier Reef, watching the sunset in a Ferrari with a stunning beauty or conversing over the best food Sydney can offer, topped off by a carnal dessert; read on.

Escort vs. Courtesan

Typical Escort Services provide a ‘wham bam, thank you mam’ mentality. Their effort to service their clients usually falls into the simple bodily pleasures that can elicit the quickest route to payment. This is why we provide a service that is more akin to professional Courtesans. A courtesan attends to their client’s pleasure in the arts of conversation, dining, and any other non-sexual activity that the client desires, before attempting to get intimate. This provides a much more exciting experience as the dating process can build anticipation of the bedroom pleasures that will make it an exquisite evening instead of a dull date.

Luxury Escorts

If you want time spent in the company of a lovely lady whose sole purpose is to please you in everything that is planned for the evening, our ladies are the cream of the crop. Whether you jet off into the sunset on a magical luxury yacht, to enjoy the bliss that awaits after the sun dips or you are chauffeured in a Maybach to a tantalizing dinner at a top rated restaurant, to let the tastes of the evening play across your lips; you will be satisfied. We do not provide just a base carnal experience but an experience that reaches the penultimate of sensual discovery both in luxury life experiences and bedroom pleasures.

Exciting Pleasures

The difference of course is evident in the quote provided above. Most escort services look simply to quench a man’s base desires, yet at Hush Escorts our ladies, esteem to provide an evening of ever building pleasure for every sense and experience with a final explosion of the ladies desire to be the final desire of the man. A courtesan not only accomplishes the mind blowing carnal pleasures of every man’s desire, but they do so at the height of an experience central to the man’s desire for companionship, comfort, pleasure and fun. Our ladies take the time to know your desires, tease out your most hidden carnal dreams and act on them with delicious decadence.

If you have experienced an unexciting escort service, it may be time to truly treat your mind, body and spirit to the ladies of Hush Escorts, for a full evening experience of truly unsurpassed pleasure; both personal and sexual. Whether you are local to Australia or a world traveller looking for unparalleled fun, excitement and sexual adventure, Hush sydney escorts provide an evening you will never forget. Remember to treat all your senses while in Australia, while having a mind blowing bedroom experience.

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