The person who I think really gets me is my aunt who is just a couple of years older then I am. She and I text all the time and I've been going to her house over breaks and the summer. Whenever something exciting happens she would always be the first person to know. We're like sisters. I get along with her more than I get along with my own sisters. We do funny things together and shop together, help each other out when in need. She always gives me advice whenever I need some help. She wanted a little sister so I'm like a little sister to her. She and I mostly have the same idea on a certain topic. She makes me laugh and I'm always sarcastic with her sometimes. I guess the reason why she understands me because we both want the same thing and we went through similar situations. Obviously she is older so she always remind me to have control of myself and tell me what's right to do. Plus she always share stories with me about when she was my age being a negative person and changing to a positive person as the year goes and are more aware of the things around her. She makes me realize who the person I used to be and what kind of person I am today.