Plants and soil


Lakota,Elizabeth,Sara,and Loghan


What would happen if we added plants?


We think the plants will keep the soil in place because the roots of the plants keep the soil in place.


1] stream table    2] soil/dirt    3] plants    4] rocks   5] clay/gravel  6] cup  7] ruler  8] bowl  9] water

set up:

before adding water.

The picture above is the same,but we added plants into one stream table and pot soil into both stream tables.We also have a cup with 3 tiny holes and we  poured 1 liter  into both stream tables.

after adding water

Inside the bowl,it holds 500 milliliters of water from the stream table.When the water came down from thea stream.The water was cleaner than usual.

What we are keeping the same:

What we are keeping the same is all the soil,rocks,and adding plants.


Our statement was correct.The plants kept the soil in place.The water was almost clear when it came out of the stream table.There was 500 milliliters inside the bowl.