Scenario #1

The video was about how bulling can affect people and that there has been a lot of self influenced deaths from bulling. It said that we need to work together to STOMP bulling out and decrease the number of suicide deaths. Cyber bulling and physical bulling are both taring people down.

My definition of bullying is...... Hurting someone physically or mentally or just treating them badly.
If someone did this to me, I would respond by...... I would tell some one but if it was really me i would probably stand my ground and show them that they cant just bully people like that
The reason I chose to respond this way is because....... That the way i was raised to be to stand my ground and stand up for others as well
If I ever found out that someone was being bullied I would...... I would stand up for them and tell some one or just tell the bully that they need to stop.
Some of the warning sign behaviors are....... depression or sad or mad