By Leo K and Angela N


What is a volcano?

A volcano is a massive hill or mountain, filled with magma. Magma is also known as lava, glows bright red or white, and can get up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. there are 3 kinds of volcanoes, active, dormant and extinct. an active volcano is very dangerous to be around and may erupt at any moment. a dormant volcano still has magma in it but may not explode for another 100 years! lastly, an extinct volcano is empty of magma and almost surely may never erupt. Extinct volcanoes may be empty of magma because they erupted earlier in their lifetime. Some volcano eruptions, if captured at the right moment can be breathtaking like the picture above.


what is a volcano made out of?

There are many parts of a volcano. All the magma build up and heats in the MAGMA CHAMBER. During an Eruption, the magma will rise and flow out the sides, and possibly exploding out the top (CRATER). The outside of a volcano is made out of dried out lava and ash. The volcano also has an eruption cloud at the top, made of Gaseous volcanic ash. In the middle, the magma will rush up to the top through the main vent. Magma can sometimes cause small earthquakes when it moves throughout the volcano.

special thanks to Archie Hill

what are some kinds of volcanoes?

1. shield volcanoes.

shield volcanoes are a generally average type of volcano, but with a smaller type of eruption when compared to supervolcanoes.

2. supervolcanoes

supervolcanoes are massive volcanoes that can cause a huge eruption if active. their magma is very hot and can devastate a city.

3. submarine volcanoes

submarine volcanoes are underwater volcanoes of any size. they cause a moderate explosion, but if they're near land, watch out for minor tsunamis!


4. subglacial

subglacial volcanoes are volcanoes that are found under icebergs or glaciers. they are found in Antarctica, Iceland, and even northern Canada, such as the Yukon.

5. mud

a mud volcano is a massive volcano made of (duh) mud. A mud volcano produces lots of methane gas when it erupts.


6. composite

composite are pretty big volcanoes that send out a big magma explosion and their outer crust is made of composite (a material made up of 2 or more chemicals/materials).


Famous Eruptions

Mt. St. Helens

The Mt. St. Helens eruption was centred in Washington state, U.S. My Dad was alive for the eruption and said that ash travelled all the way to Vancouver, Canada! Mt. St. Helens was a composite type volcano and erupted early Sunday morning, at 8:32 at May 18, 1980. it's eruption killed 58 people and caused over $1 billion dollars in damages. the huge eruption of magma and gas cleared the top 1,300 feet of the clearing and left a semicircle-ish (is that a word?) shaped crater.

an artist's rendition of the Pompeii eruption. www.telegraph.co.




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