Depression Caused by Bullying

By yours truly Chris Holmes

My Definition

My definition of bullying is: A way of expressing your feelings and bursting it out on random people because they don't know how to channel there anger.


1) Being Bullied causes people to do suicide.

2) The media is doing what they can to stop bullying.

3) All schools have bullying in a place or time.

4) All schools have announcements and assembles on bullying and people still bully no matter what the consequence.

5) Bullying is wrong and people should stop it at all cause some people loose there job to bullying and basically there life to bullying.


Sometimes bullying happens when someone is having hard times at home and just wants to let it out on someone else just because he can't handle all that anger that inside him/her


Some symptoms of bullying are

1) Injuries that know one can explain on how they got there

2) Nervous break downs on someone or something

3)  Crying and saying bad things of themselves

4) Difficulties on going to sleep at night

5) Suicide/cannibalism because "they can't take anymore

6) Not eating as they should on a daily basses

The help

Some people that help are the government, Schools, the public, and the parents. They try to help them by talking to them giving them therapy or they give them activities that might improve over themselves and there problems. Some open up programs to help them with the help of the public. Sometimes it actually works and sometimes it doesn't but at the end they know that they tried there best and that's all they can actually do.

Some other people like the neighborhood watches they make sure that no bullying is going on in that area like most other neighborhoods and small groups of kids and parents. Cartoon network is trying to stop cyber bullying its called Speak Up.

Why is it important to know this

This website is important because it tells what bullying

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