Terry Fox

How was Terry Fox significant?

On April 12, Terry Fox dipped his right prosthetic foot into the Atlantic Ocean at St. John's, Newfoundland, to begin his Marathon of Hope. There are controversies to the Terry Fox story, as there are with any historic episode worth noting. Fox did have his skeptics in the press, who doubted some of Terry’s mile counts. Terry continued his run and persevered. This is a social topic because terry had a significant number of people all over the country supporting him through his journey. Everyone was supporting Terry and his effort to run across Canada. Terry's vision and courage have helped change and reshape Canada in many ways. He helped transform cancer research here, establishing a new attitude regarding the kind of investment that was necessary to support cancer research. The Terry Fox Foundation was allocated to researchers and teams for nearly three decades. His donation awareness helped establish the importance of cancer research across Canada. Every year millions of people across Canada take part in an annual Terry Fox run to support and raise awareness for cancer research.