Inheritance part 2


(1) * I'm going to tell you why me and wining there told Berniece is not going to sell that piano.

       * Our family was owned by a man named Robert Sutter.

       * We told him he would gave hike one and a half of a slave for the piano.

       * Robert called grand up to the house and told him to carve grandmother and my daddy picture on to the piano for Miss Ophelia.

       * Charles will always talk about the piano everyday.

       * I was telling the man that she will never sell the piano never.  

what I notice about them is that they had so much stories about the piano and have feeling about it. It was like it was apart of them.

(2) phrase that told me that it was import about the piano was that " she ain't gonna sell the piano." And "He will trade one and a half of a nigger for it."

(3) The conflict that is regarding to the piano is that it had so many stories to it that even people would kill each other for it.

(4) They should keep the piano because it have a meaning to them like the stories they were talking about. It show so much important thing to them. This is what I think.

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