Logan Selvig S&E Marketing Final

Topic 1 Movie Poster

I think this is a great movie poster because so much pertains to it. The movie poster accomplishes all three things a movie poster should.

First off, it does a great job drawing peoples attention. All the people in the image are very large and are all doing something different. There are also shocking images with the explosions and the action in the background. The title is very large and easily stands out so people know exactly what the movie is when they first look at it. And i think the colors are contrasting. The explosions and the sky contrast very nicely and also the people and the sky flow well together.

The second one is giving people a good idea what the movie is about, which does pretty good. With all the superheros in it and the previous movies that they made, i think it is pretty clear that there is going to be a lot of action with the superheros stopping the bad guys.

I think the movie poster makes people want to see the movie because the image is so incredible. It shows the people in it, which is a big deal and also a lot of action in the background which people want to see.

Topic 2 Movie Trailer

I think this is a very good movie trailer. It starts out introducing the characters and introducing the plot. It gives you an idea of what is going on and why the Avengers need to assemble. It shows these clips from the beginning to give the audience an idea of the movie and then shows action scenes towards the end of the movie to appeal to the main target audience. People want to see these action scenes to get excited about the movie and they want to know what happens at the end as they see the plot tease them. It shows all the important clips leading up to the climax and shows part of the battle and what the Avengers need to take down to keep the world in tact. Also throughout the trailer, it shows clips that depict the general feel of the movie including: serious, dramatic, thrilling. Overall it is a good movie trailer because it gives a great deal of information to know something about the movie for people that don't know much about it, and it also leaves viewers wanting more.

Topic 3 Top 3 strategies for movie marketers

1. Movie website - All movies should have their own website in order to give fans a chance to go to the website and get involved with your movie and also learn about it. This should be the main strategy for movie makers because you can create your own website and put anything on it that you want for the best results. So your website should have everything about your movie including: Trailers, clips, behind the scenes, plot, actors, information, chat rooms, games about movie, and release date to give people a chance to pre-order tickets. If any fan has any questions about your movie or just simply want to learn more about it they should go to your website to get this information.

2. Trailers, TV commercials - This is another great strategy for movie marketers to reach to a large audience. Most of the world watches a decent amount of TV so you can start showing your commercials a few months in advance to the movie and a very large percentage will have seen your commercial. These trailers should give people a glimpse into the plot, special effects, and the humor and drama in the movie. Also should leave people wanting more so they actually go see your movie.

3. Twitter page - Since the world now is becoming all about social media, a twitter page for your movie is a awesome strategy to promote your movie. All it takes is for someone to like or favor something about the movie and all of that persons friend will see the retweet and it will keep going on like that and will reach to a lot of people. Another great thing about a Twitter page is that most people on twitter is the age group that goes to all the movies, so this is great way to get your movie out there. Your twitter page should keep updating with videos and links to stories about the movie, giving new information, ect. so people will follow you and use hashtags to get more people to notice your movie.

Topic 4 Artists with no labels

Music artists who do not sign with a record label have full control over their music/band and make a lot more money if they get popular. They have no rules and can come out with music as they choose. The only problem is that they don't have a record label to promote them and give them a name for themselves. So they need to get a fan base on their own. Fans will listen to the people and the music they like, so if the artists get people to recognize them, it will be a lot easier for them to get more fans depending on the style of music.

Strategies for creating a fan base are: first creating music that most people will like, then by posting your music to sites created for finding music, creating social networks with your music on there, go perform shows so people can see you play live and have a chance to meet you, and be connected with your fans. In doing so, most people have good success in succeeding without record labels.

Mackelmore is a great example by doing this, believing in himself, and succeeding without a major label. He is now making WAY more money if he had signed with a label.


Topic 5 Running a amusement park

If i were in charge of an amusement park, i would have many things i would do to have the most popular and most successful amusement park. My opening week would be the first week of summer and my highest prices for the year. This is the week that most teens will go because they are finally out of school and been waiting all spring to go to this amusement park. Next i would have my main, awesome rides that everybody loves but not a lot of them because they are so expensive. Instead i would focus on other attractions that people love and don't cost me a fortune. Another thing i would do is have a discounted card where people get so many admissions for a large, but discounted price. This will encourage them to come more often and spend more money in my amusement park. Another thing that i think would be a good idea is add on a hotel and restaurants to the amusement park to give people a chance to stay there and spend money and then come back to the amusement park the next day. This gives a great chance for people to come back and people to stay who do not live close to the amusement park. Another thing to make people happy is to have little shuttle buses around the park to limit peoples walking and to have an opportunity for people to buy skip passes so they are not spending all day waiting in lines and not spending any money elsewhere. And finally do something special at my park that nobody has elsewhere. This could be a variety of things, but i would want my park to be known for something awesome.

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