Fractions Used In Everyday Life

By. Nadia Bucks

Did you know, you use fractions everyday in your life? For example, this pizza, say that Lily wants to divide this pizza up with three of her friends and herself.  The problem would be 4/8 ÷ 2, so how to divide that you would have to take 2 and make it a fraction.  The fraction would be 2/1, but if you want to divide it you'll have to change it to a multiplication problem instead.  So change the 2/1 to 1/2 and then multiply 4/8 × 1/2, which the answer would be 1/4.  So each of Lily's friends, including her, would get two slices each.  Lily chooses to invite a friend over the next day to hang out and she needs snacks.

Lily went to the store and bought some apples for when her friend Lexi came over.  When Lily got back, she cut up her apples and gives her best friend, Lexi, four apple slices.  So how to figure this out, you have to count how many slices you have, which is six, and subtract four.  Let's turn them into fractions so we can find the remaining fraction left.  The fractions will be 6/6 - 4/6, how to get the answer is to subtract the numerator by the numerator but don't subtract the denominators.  They will stay the same.  So 6/6 - 4/6 is 2/6, are you done?  Not yet, because we would need to simplify or your answer will be wrong.  Take 2/6 and find a number that goes into both of the numbers.  The number would be two, so then you divide 2 ÷ 2 = 1 and 6 ÷ 2 = 3.  So you got your answer, Lily gave Lexi 2/3, you divide 4/6 by two, of apples and have 1/3 left over.  After her hang out with Lexi, she decides to go to bed because she was very tired.

The next day, Lily went to her garden the next day and planted 1/4 orchid flowers, 3/10 cilantro plants, 1/4 carrots, and 1/5 grass plants.  Her neighbor gave her 1/2 of her garden because she was moving, how much does she have in all?  So you first need to find a common denominator for all of them, which would be 20.  So you need to change all of the denominators, 5/20, 6/10, 5/20, 4/20, and 10/20.  So now add them all together and you'll get 30/20, but wait, that's an improper fraction.  So now you need to change it to a mixed number.  You take your fraction and see how many times your denominator, 20, goes into your numerator, 30.  It goes in one time, take the left over number and make it your numerator.  Then your answer will be 1 10/20, but then simply which will end up as 1 1/2, so Lily has 1 1/2 plants in all.  After she finished her garden, she went inside to make some food for her party in a few days.

Lily chose to make lasagna for her party.  She looked at the invitation list and wants to make sure she has enough for everybody to have some.  She has a lasagna recipe for only five people and you're having a party where fifteen people are invited.  She uses 3/4 of cheese in the recipe but she now needs to triple it.  How much cheese will Lily put in her recipe then?  So how you multiply is you take your fraction and multiply it by how many more times you need to make it, which in our case is three.  Take 3/4 and multiply it by 3/1 (three as a fraction).  Do the numerators first, so 3 × 3 = 9 and then 4 × 1 = 4.  It'll turn out to be 9/4, but you need to make it a mixed number.  Change it by seeing how many times 4 goes into 9, which is 2, and take the remainder and make it the numerator, the answer now is 2 1/4.  Lily used 2 1/4 cups of cheese to make her recipe for the party.  

Lily applied for a job to babysit, and is making $25 an hour and gets a 10% raise, how much does she make an hour?  Before we do anything else, we need to find out what 10% would be if it was a fraction.   So 10% would be 10/100 but simplify it and you'll get 1/10.  She makes an additional 1/10 of her salary an hour, or $2.50.  We got the $2.50 because when you'll dealing with money, 10/10 is $25.00.  So if you add $2.50 to $25, you will get an answer of $27.50.  Lily makes $27.50 for her new salary an hour.  She babysat many children and earned so much money from it.  When she grew up, she decided that she wanted to own a babysitting business with her best friend.  The End.

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