Sam Shipe's Ancient Asian History

The truth behind the dynasties.

Types of government: Each were ruled by Emperors in a type of monarchy the only exception was the Mongols who had no real government system still worked under one ruler.

These are not the only leader however they are the most well know of their time.

Leaders of each Dynasty: Tang: Li Yuang 618-628, Song: Taizu 960-976, Sui: Yang Jian "Wendi" 581-604, Mongol: Genghis Khan: 1206-1227, Yuan: Kublai Kahn: 1260-1294

Influences, and culture: The Tang and Sui as the first two were the building blocks to all future dynasties except for the Mongols who later became the Yuan Dynasty, and then proceeded to follow the other dynasties. The Sui were a very defensive people always striving to improve their chances for fending off an attack. They were heavily influenced by Buddhism. The Tang Dynasty was focused more on peace and took great pride in poetry. They were most influenced by the Sui. After this we see each Dynasty following in their footsteps.

Achievements: Sui: They are most well known for producing the Grand Canal, and being the first dynasty. Tang: They bettered, and or really started the fields of astronomy, medicine, and printing they almost were completely responsible for a modern era. Song: Compass, banknotes, and a standing navy. These were important because with the compass would not have to stay along the shoreline to know where you were going, and with that you could have a real Navy. With the banknotes you now have everyone operating on the one type of money and trade is no longer a popular idea. Mongols: They had no significant achievements, but that does not mean they were not wise as they conquered new lands they would take the best of their ideas, and use then to the best of their ability. This proved that you did not really need inventors or craftsmen, because you could borrow ideas from all other cultures, and pick the best one. Yuan: They were the first to bring all of China under one rule. Yes the Mongols had conquered all that land making it easier, but they failed in one regard, and that was to bring them under a real government. The XingSheng administration was made by them to have a better handle on centralized control, and this system is still used in China today. After the Yuan came to power over the Mongols territory much more minority groups came to the central plain to share their ideas that were not taken by the Mongols this allowed for a stronger empire as more people come to share their ideas.

Maps of each dynasty:

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