School Age Children 5-9 years

  • Mental Needs
    • You can send your kids to school to allow the teachers to improve there mental growth
    • Help child develop good judgment of what is wrong from what is right
    • Help child with schoolwork/homework if they have a problem or get confused 
    • Help kids keep grades up in school to help them have a better life down the line
    • Have the kid read for 30 minutes a day so they can get used to reading
    • Between the age of 5-9 kids should learn to count and multiply so they can have better knowledge in math

Social Needs

  • Enrich your child’s daily routines by making eye contact and sharing smiles, conversations, stories and books
  • Gently guide your child through social situations
  • Help your child to think through various problem-solving options
  • Avoid negating your child's perceptions about another person
  • Help your child learn how to express his/her needs without attacking the other person
  • Respond to your child’s efforts to communicate with you

Emotional Needs

  • Help Increase the child's  ability to interact with peers
  • Enforce understanding of the consequences of their actions
  • Help them describe their own feelings
  • See if child is able and willing to Show empathy and offer to help when they see another in distress
  • Start to see if your child Cares about how other people feel
  • Allow the child to Communicate feelings  

Physical needs

  • Help child be able to throw and catch a ball
  • Practice with child copying shapes such as triangles or circles, draw stick figures, and even print letters.
  • Make child become more skillful using spoons and forks
  • Make sure child is running jumping and skipping
  • Inforce Demonstrate better hand in eye coordination
  • Make sure your checking childs height and weight for grow sprout
  • Have a conversation with child about what will happen when puberty hits them

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