Internet Safety Tips
                          Nyayien Rial

   Tip 1. Never share your password!
If you ever give your password away, people can get into your personal info. They can also screenshot it and keep it or share it.
 Tip 2. Don't ever use your real name on social media!
People can find out a lot of things just by your name. Also people could use it to make fake accounts and bully you.
   Tip 3. If your going to meet an online friend, tell or bring an adult.
You should never go alone to meet an online friend, many people aren't always who they say who they are. It sometimes is adults who try and trick kids.
  Tip 4. On Social network sites always put your account on private.
If you put your account on private no strangers or unwanted people will be able to contact you online.
  Tip 5. Before you go on any social network site ask for a parents OK before you make an account.
The reason you should make sure its ok is because your parents need to know what things you are on so they know your being safe.


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