More Than Just A Low Rate

Beware of BMO's 2.99% Mortgage Offer

Know The Facts

Take the time to read the terms and conditions of your mortgage. There is much more to a mortgage than just a low rate. Bank of Montreal has made the news several times over the past year as they advertise their rate of 2.99%. On the surface this seems like a great rate, but when you read the fine print you will see it is lacking many of the features a standard mortgage contains. You know what they say..."You Get What You Pay For".

Q: I want to pay down my mortgage as quickly as possible, is this the right mortgage for me?

A: NO! BMO only allows a 10% prepayment on this mortgage and you can only increase your payments by 10%. Most lenders will allow between 15% and 25%

Q: Will I be able to get out of my mortgage before the end of the term?

A: NO! You would need to sell your house in order to break this mortgage. Most lenders will allow you to pay a penalty to get out of the mortgage without having to sell the house. The majority of Canadians make a change to their mortgage every 3.8 years...flexibility is key.

Q: Can I skip a payment with this mortgage?

A: NO! BMO does not allow for any payment flexibility with this mortgage

Q: Can I stretch my amortization to 30 years to keep my payments as low as possible?

A: NO! BMO will only allow a max amortization of 25 years.


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