Online etiquette is the proper way users conduct themselves online.


Rule 1: Remember the human
When sending an e-mail, always think about one thing: "Would you say it to the person's face?" Although you are looking at a computer screen, there is still someone on the other end of the computer screen. So, don't say anything on the computer to them that you wouldn't say to their face.

Rule 2: Be Respectful

Never go through anyone's e-mail, if they don't ask you to, and never embarrass anyone. Going through someone's email without permission is like going through someone's diary. It's sacred. Also, embarrassing people is very disrespectful. Embarrassing someone could be using mean or horrible words, or even making fake pages with rumors about them. How would you feel f it were you?

Rule 3: Adhere to the same rules as if in the real world

Just like the real world, there are laws in using the internet. Cyber-bullying is a type of internet law. These laws are used to protect people who are getting bullied in the work place or in school. If you cyber-bully someone online there will be a consequence, just like in the real world as if you were bullying someone.

Rule 4: No who to trust and who not to trust

When it comes to the internet world, you should know not to trust everyone that online, because everyone isn't who they say they are. If someone asks for your password, don't give it to them. If you give them your password, they may ruin your life. An example would be for someone to receive your password and do inappropriate things on the website, like post pictures or write other people you know but they don't know.

Rule 5: Make yourself look good online

Most people chatting with other people online most likely want to be liked. In other words, take advantage of your anonymity. People you are talking to can't see you; therefore, they cannot judge you. So, take pride in who you are online, as well as offline.

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