Miami Sports Academy

School is 9 months long.We have coaches to watch their progression.The school building is 3 stories.It has football, soccer, tennis, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, golf, swimming, lacrosse a.d baseball.It is co-ed a high school.There are 5 periods of class, the other 3 are for training. You have to stay after school if you are on a competitive sports team.The grades in the school are from 9th grade to 12th grade.It is located in Miami, Florida right near Miami beach.It has a particular field or place to play for each sport.There are about 250-300 people in each grade.The school will have a roof top soccer fields.You have to play $7,500 a year. There is free lunch once you pay your tuition.You must maintain over an 80 average to play on a competitive sports team.If you have under a 75 average you will be kicked out of the school.If you do not behave correctly you will be benched the next game.You can come to school in any cloths but when you have a fitness activity you need to wear the school gym uniform.Our school is 34 acres.

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