What Is Big History?

The beginning of history. Just watched a video about it. The history of a timeline is huge. Everyone on this planet earth has a history. Species, inventions, plants, and ect. We all have are own story. So many questions on how we came here on earth. We all have different stories on how this all happened. Some say gods, others even say the earth just formed on its own. Such as us, and other creatures.Most of all is how the galaxy was formed. It's all in a timeline. One big giant timeline. Billions of stories out there. Big history is everything. Everything has a history. Every single non living thing, and also even the ones who are alive. Picture every single thing. They all have a history. But the big main part of this is, why are humans so insignificant? Learned that are history is a never ending plot of stories.

The Big Bang

The best information that we had of are history is are writings. Are history starts there. Its because that's were we get are best information. But mostly were history started is when the universe was created. Which scientist believes. And it will end when the universe destroys it selves. There are much broader historical questions in the story of the universe, that can only be explored by zooming out to the ultimate scale. But then you realize history is everything that is in front of you. Space time was created by the big bang. The big Bang is the beginning. The first law of thermodynamics matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. So i learned that the big bang is the beginning of everything you see right now. The starters of things.

A Big History of Everything

A comet pushes into the moon. The chunks of rocks fall off. Then forming the moon. Stabilizing earth rotation. The earth would of been floating around space without it. While the earth cools off.Then forms a metal, that starts to sink. Then forms earth to have a  core, right in the center of the earth. Sending an invisible magnetic field around earth, that will protect us from radiation, and keep our atmosphere from blowing away. The earth formed iron, gold, and etc. that we are using now to survive. Such as millions of years ago. We had warriors in war. The warriors used swords to defend, metal guards to protect their skin from harm. Then jupiter and saturn..moving in orbit. Moving iron that the earth needs. Showering of asteroids falling from the sky into earth. Our supplies that we need in the future being. Then jupiter sucks up every last bit of rock into orbit. Without jupiter...we would have raining asteroids falling in. If any of these had happened...we wouldnt have anything that we need..we probably wont even exist.


Powers of 10

The further back we go to the 10 the 10th from planet earth. Moving from layers and layers from space. Finding new things. Then moving back into earth. Moving into the body cells. There are also layers of things in that also. Millions of millions of them.

Origin Stories

Big Questions

So many questions about the earth aren't answered yet. We are always discovering new things everyday. Too many things that go way back that are little brains cant handle