My Income+Career Goal
Computer Science Class-period5

My Search

The results of my choice survey ((A)) showed me that I am Social,Enterprising, and artistic. Then according to the ((AA)) College and Career Hand out sheet the choices I made was top be a Lawyer, Counselor, And Fashion Designer.

After having a very long talk with my partner we both decided that i would take on being a lawyer. Here Is A "Link" to the Website.

I first have to finish high school .Then I have to be in college for 3 years to get my J.D Degree . Then have to I Have to graduate from a Bachelors Degree program in nearly all the cases.Then I have to take a school admission test ((LSAT)) then wait for appilcations which my consider a undergraduate degree in the field.

The Income Levels Of Being A Lawyer:

I want to work her in Philadelphia, and I plan to go to Yale University for and undergraduate degree and a graduate degree if they have one . here is a link the costs for tuition for Yale University.

Here is a link to the list of lawyers needed for jobs of being a future lawyer

I am excited to get my layer career started as son as possible

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