5 mLearning Apps

and How to Use Them in a Classroom

1. Mobl21

-allows users to access information on mobile phone

-includes flash cards and quizzes set up by teachers

-collaborative options

Use: Great for studying key terms, and doing practice tests, allowing students to study with greater efficiency

2.  Shmuppet

-record stories and animate with puppets

-share with other students via email

Use: for writing and sharing short stories, also great for students to practice their reading out loud

3. Fotobabble

-take a picture and create an audio story or summary of what is in the picture

Use: on field trips to see what students learned, around the school as story prompts for creative writing

4. Journal Jar

-writing prompts for elementary students to write on

Use: in classrooms with journals or as a creative writing tool; give each student a different topic or use on topic for the whole class.

5. Toontastic

-draw, animate, and share student created cartoons

-teaches story telling skills

-creative writing

Use: to write and illustrate short stories

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