Middle colonies Brochure

By:Taylor Eddins


Beat  the heat and grow some wheat

Colonies for this region

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware

Map of Middle Colonies

weather and Climate

The climate would be wetlands along the coast along the Hutchinson River

so this region would have been very good for fishing since the colonies are near a river  which  makes for an easy food supply.

This  region has rich soil allowing wheat and other grains to grow which would make for an easy food supply since it grows so well and it will help make the colony money.

The reason summers would be good is it is easy to grow crops and you can easily enjoy fishing.One more reason it would be good is trees grow really easy in this season so you could use the wood as firewood for the winter and you could could use the logs to build a log house.

The reason the cold winters would be good to have is that animals like Deer and other animals will be out looking for grass and other things to eat so it would be a good hunting season.

Here are two images showing the climate in the middle colonies

Cold and snowy Climate
Hot and humid Climate

The industry of the middle colonies

  • Grain
  • Livestock
  • Iron
  • Furs

Farming would be a big part of the industry because they were able to grow a lot of wheat which became a big part of the industry and helped them to make money.

The livestock would have also been a big part of the industry because they were able to make dairy with the cattle which also made them money.

Images for industry

Agriculture of the middle colonies

They had better soil and farming than England did.

One reason the agriculture is good is because the middle colonies have really good soil so crops grow really good there so that would be a good food supply.

A second reason the agriculture is good is because since the crops grow so good there since grain is a part of the industry you could sell the crops and make money .

Images for Agriculture

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