Nepal Earthquakes

Thousands of people lost their lives and hundreds, more were injured in a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal's capital Kathmandu and its surrounding areas on 25 April.

The earthquake was followed by a large number of aftershocks, including one on 12 May.

Since then, people are living in makeshift camps around Kathmandu, because the land is destroyed which causes people to be homeless by the quake or because they are too afraid to stay inside. Some have tried to leave the capital amid fears of further aftershocks.

Many of the country's historic sites have been severely damaged, including temples and monuments.


Analysis of satellite imagery captured before and after the devastating quake reveals that more than 180 buildings in the densely populated city centre were destroyed.

At least 4 out of 7 Enesco World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley and three of them ancient city squares are not destroyed

The United Nations, which estimates 6.6 million people live in the districts affected by the earthquake, is helping to rescue the many have been left homeless by the disaster and the country is already reported to be running out of water and food.

Search and Rescue Assistance and Disaster (SARAID) has sent a team of experts with 1.5 tonnes of specialist equipment. This includes an electrical power generator and power tools for cutting through concrete and steel. They also have their own tents and food supplies, so they will not be a drain on local resources. India and China are among the other countries to send teams of rescuers.

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Nepal on May 12, less than three weeks after a devastating temblor there killed more than 8,000 people. People across the country had feared another powerful earthquake, in part because the first one left many buildings cracked and unstable. The new quake caused strong shaking across an area about one-twelfth the size that experienced strong shaking in the April 25 quake.

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