Lonely, Lacking, Guilty

All I wanted was

Not to be alone

Someone to talk too

Something to live for

Better reputation

Have more control

To be free

To be more wealthy

But I didn't want to cause trouble

Not to feel any guilt

Character Development

At the beginning George developed relatively similar towards the end because at the start all he wanted was a fresh new start with Lennie away from trouble and towards the end he got all of that except having Lennie there. When George got to the town Weed he thought him and Lennie were free so all he wanted was really whiskey and whores from the cat house and also to have no trouble or drama with people. All that changed when Lennie killed Curely's Wife and had to kill him so he can stop running.

Character Interactions

Throughout the book I picked three characters that are important to george that he interacts to. The First one is Lennie, Georges treats him like a kid, Lennie is literally Georges responsibility because if he he does something then George has to take care of it and clean it up, George changed his whole life just to take care of Lennie. The Second one is Candy, George treats candy with a lot of respect because they are going to be doing business with each other and sharing land. Then the Third one is Curely, George treats him with a lot of disrespect and some hatred because he bullied Lennie and gets really angry when people make contact with his wife and cheered on George when he killed Lennie.

George affects the plot because he plays a huge part of this book and is one of the main characters. If there was no George then there would be no "Of Mice And Men" Because there would be no going to Weed and the book is based on that city after the Dust Bowl and migration.

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