All About Nireyda

Life as a Passionate Dancer
When I dance I feel as if I am free and all emotion negative and positive leave me. Nothing could ever stop me from pursuing my dream as a becoming a professional dancer.

This was one of my favorite dances and costume when I was ten years old, when I had just started using pointe shoes.

My first performance with the Elite Academy of Dance team was at the Magoffin auditorium, where I and my team danced ballet and jazz.

My first time doing turns on pointe while recording myself.

Fouette are my favorite types of turns, which I do in most of my dances.

This song is by far one of my favorite songs, which this year I get to perform in May along with my dance team.

I will and do practice every day to become the best dancer I can be.

I love to dance and plan to never stop.

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