Explaining the problem of Fights

1. "Summary of the problem"

The problem is that there are gangs that fight in different area in Hawaii. Also the gangs member are young but mostly adults.

2. "Define the community that your problem affects"

Fighting affects the whole community of Kalihi. It makes everyone feel unsafe to go out and do their own thing. People are worried that something bad will happen to them. Kalihi is not all that safe for other people. An article even says that "AFY has helped a lot of people. Take for example a small park in Kalihi, once known as Drive By Park, a haven for gang violence and drive by drugs. AFY helped clean it up and now it is safe for kids to come and play again". This shows that gang violence is everywhere.

3. "How serious is this problem in your community?"

The problem of fights involving gangs is increasing each year. There are about 32 gangs in Hawaii and 14 of them are identified in Farrington High School. This is a serious problem because back in 1995, a couple of boys were murdered in Kuhio Park Terrace. The problem of fights involving gangs is very serious in our community, now days, there's a rumble between gangs and it happened in Farrington for 2 years in a row, if this keeps up, this problem would be too hard to solve. Rosen fears Kalihi gang activity is again reaching the boiling point. The hotbed he says is Farrington High School, "Some weapons being used, we are seeing graffiti and a lack of care again for the community". Rosen is a professor of social work and he started the "Adults Friends for Youth"

4. "How widespread is the problem in your state or the nation?"

The fighting is widespread in Oahu and it could occur at any places and even during in school time. There are 20 other gangs in Farrington high school. They made a report that Gangs in Hawaii is becoming widespread among the middle schools and high schools. The report have said that there is 129 gangs in hawaii state totaled.

5. "Why is this a problem that should be handled by the government? Should anyone else also take responsibility for solving the problem? why?"

Gang violence should be handled by the government because the problem is growing bigger and bigger. More gangs are coming in Hawaii and creating more problems. An article says "KALIHI (KHNL) - Robberies. Car jackings. Shootings... And a lot of it is gang violence. But there's an Oahu group that says it can help- but it needs state funding." This quote shows us that we can get rid of gang violence if we get help from the government. I think that the community should also get involved and help their family members who are in gangs out of it. This will prevent more fights and gang activity from happening.

6. "The law for dealing with the problem is adequate, but it is not being well enforced."

In Farrington, if you get into a fight, you get suspended for about 2 - 3 days. In the rumble we had last year and this year, just about 2 - 3 students were suspended out of the 2 gangs who fought. One student was suspended for about 2 weeks. Outside, when the students fight, they run, the cops don't go chasing them, they just let them go. The cops and principals of Kalihi isn't doing a good job at trying to end the problem and enforcing the law. If you let them get away with it, they'll just keep doing it again and again and again. Why make a law if you guys aren't going to enforce it?

7. "What disagreement, if any, exist in your community about the problem?'

If any disagreement that existed, they would have chosen a law that prevents fighting on the streets especially gangs. They would put an end to gang fights to every area in Hawaii.

8. "Who are the major individuals, groups, or organizations taking sides on the problem?"

The "Adult Friends for Youth" group is trying to solve the problem. They are mentoring young adults to step out of their gang life and live anew. An article even says that "I believe very strongly that the staff of Adult Friends for Youth working with these groups was a very powerful influence in bringing these ugly gang wars to an end," says Rosen.". This shows that he "AFFY" group is making a difference to gang members.

9. "What levels of government or government agencies, if any, are responsible for dealing with the problem? What are they doing about the problem?"

The level of government that are trying to handle the problem would be the local government, which would be the police, leaders of schools, etc. I noticed that after the 2 brawls that happened last year, there were a lot more patrols around Kalihi. It helped last year but this year, the patrols slowed down and the fights started firing up again. The principals do suspend the students who gets involved in the fights but for a short amount of days. The problem only worsens because now, there isn't much patrols, no enforced laws, and weak consequences out there.

Caption : This picture shows the crime in states and how much $$ is being wasted due to crimes and gangs in these states. This shows the smallest thing, the internet crime, rather than reality all around the United States.

Caption: This is a photo of Manny Pacquiao catching his opponent with a deadly right hand. This picture shows how fighting can be very costly if you ever get into a fight.


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The sources are written in the 21st century, and living in Kalihi, and go to Farrington, we are able to witness all the events ourselves. These sources are important to our information because it gives us the information The sources are reliable and can be trusted. It comes from a news station in Hawaii. The content of this is reliable and also trusted. This information exists to help us explain more about gang violence in Hawaii.

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