Voice of our Generation: Bethany Hamilton

Background of Bethany Hamiliton

On halloween day 2003 Bethany Hamilton went surfing to train for the biggest surfing competition. Bethany headed out with her best friend Alana, Alana's dad, and Alana's brother. When they stopped for a quick break in the ocean a 14 in tiger shark came up and took her left arm. Bethany lost 70% of her blood and went in to shock and may have died if she didn't make it to the hospital as soon as she did.

About a month later Bethany was up surfing again just with once arm not two. That same year she placed 5th n the National Surfing Championships and secured a spot for herself on the U.S. National Surfing Team. Bethany also won an ESPY award from ESPN for Best Comeback athlete, and a special courage award at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards. Bethany came in 1st place in the Explorer’s Women division of the 2005NSSA National Championships – winning her first national title.

Bethany Hamilton with her best friend Alana.

3 Reason why Bethany Hamilton is a Good Choice

1st reason- Bethany Hamilton is a good choice of our voice generation because she is some one that you can look up to as a young adult. Bethany has done many great things to the world after the most terrible story that has ever happen to her. Bethany is a motivational speaker and a great writer. Bethany also advocates healthy living, specifically emphasizing the importance of balancing both physical and spiritual health. Now Bethany is married to Adams Dirk and expects their first baby in June.

Bethany Hamilton Speaking about the movie, "Soul Surfer"

2nd reason- Bethany Hamilton is a good choice of our voice generation because she helps many people around the world. Bethany is involved with the Women's Sports Foundation, Fair Fund’s Jewel Girls program, Walking on Water, Life Without Limbs, Holidays With Purpose and Christian Surfers. This helps many girls around the world and christian surfers. Bethany is very caring to young girls and people around the world that are wanted to change the world.

Bethany Hamilton working with some local school girls around the world

3rd reason- Bethany Hamilton is a good choice for our voice generation because supports many charities and foundations. Some of these charities and foundations are Friends of Bethany, SurfAid, Women's Sports Foundations, World Vision, and many other charities/foundations.

Bethany Hamilton with one of her charity foundations