This Could Be You!

This is a true story. To keep my sources anonymous, fake names were used.

During spring 2011, Peter, one of my neighbours, decided to add a brand new garage to his house. Indeed, last winter had been pretty hard and he decided we wouldn’t have to shovel that way one more winter of his life. He decided to hire a carpenter named François to help him to build his garage.

Towards the end of the construction, Peter took a day off to help the carpenter in his duty. While my neighbour was in house, he heard screaming in the garage: «Help me! Help! » He rushed to join the carpenter and found out that he hand with the chainsaw he was working with. Blood was spurting all over the place.

Peter ran to help François and tied his arm down with a strap, trying to make garrotte. He immediately called an ambulance. While waiting for the paramedics, François almost fainted and it's this moment he decided to tell Peter he was HIV positive.

Peter was completely confused, overwhelmed by the situation. He also decided to go to the emergency immediately. Right away, doctors prescribed him an emergency tritherapy for four weeks. This treatment is used to prevent from the spread of the HIV after being exposed to a risk factor. A three months follow-up was necessary before Peter could be sure that the treatment had work.

After having suffered of a few side effects as diarrheas and intense nauseas, he finally had his diagnostic: no trace of HIV. François has now fully recovered from his important cut to his hand.

As you can see, this kind of eventcould happen to anybody. The treatment my dear neighbour Peter had is used in emergency cases or for people who are already HIV-positive only (Source 2) and can’t be used as a prevention method. That’s why you should always be as much careful as possible and use preventing methods as:

- Have protected sexual intercourse.

- Try not to get body fluids, as semen, vaginal fluids and blood, into mouth.

- Wear gloves when in contact with blood of someone else.

- Do not share needles and always use clean ones. (Source 1)

- Etc.

Protect yourself!

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