Grassy Wetlands

A marsh is a wetland, an area of land containing much soil moisture that does not drain well. Swamps are also wetlands. The main difference is that while trees grow in a swamp, grasses grow in a marsh. Marsh grasses have shallow roots that spread and bind mud together. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR FG Botas Serpiente Gris Amarillo 140107-011. This slows the flow of water, which creates rich soil deposits and encourages the growth of the marsh.

There are two main types of marshes, freshwater marshes and salt marshes. Freshwater marshes are found at the mouths of rivers. These marshes are famous as bird sanctuaries and are an important habitat for many birds, mammals, and insects. If we didn’t have the marshes, Jordan Prime Fly Blanco Gym Rojo Negro 599582-101, then we would lose many of these animals. There simply isn’t anywhere else where they can survive.

The Amazon in South America, the Congo in Africa, the Nile in Egypt, the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq, and the Mekong in Vietnam all have large freshwater marshes. Did you know that the rice you eat grows in freshwater marshes? Rice is the most important of all marsh plants. It provides a major portion of the world’s food.

Salt marshes are formed by seawater flooding and draining flat land as tides go in and out. The grasses of a salt marsh will not grow if the ground is permanently flooded. Salt marshes are found along the east coast of the United States, in the Arctic, in northern Europe, in Australia, and in New Zealand.s, videos and more.