Autism Awareness window light

April is Autism Awareness Month

This is an Autism Awareness window puzzle light. I display mine throughout the month of April. I also put this in my window during Christmas time and my son, Ethan's birthday to support him!


  • foam board
  • 2-3" puzzle pieces
  • 50 strand of lights
  • box cutter/utility knife
  • assorted color paints
  • assorted paintbrushes
  • large suction cup hanger
  • Hole punch
  • Puzzle piece stamp (*optional)
  • masking tape
  • packing tape


1. Use a pencil to draw a puzzle piece shape on foam board. Cut the outside of the puzzle piece shape with box cutter/ utility knife. You will have a large solid puzzle piece.

2. Tape the 2-3" puzzle pieces with small pieces of masking tape onto your foam board puzzle piece shape in any desired pattern . Paint desired color around taped puzzle pieces, pressing each piece down to prevent paint from going under (*Can also paint one solid color without the taped pieced and use a puzzle piece stamp instead). Let dry.

3. Carefully peel off taped puzzle pieces. Hand paint the white puzzle piece spaces desired color. Let dry.

4. Mark 51 spaces 1/2 inch in, around edge of entire foam puzzle board, one will be for hanging. Use hole punch for all 51 spaces.

5. Start pushing your lights through the holes, be sure to leave the plug in the bottom corner you will need to reach the outlet. Use the packing tape to tape the wiring down to the back of your foam board.

6. Use your large suction cup hanger to proudly display your Autism Awareness Puzzle light!

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