John F.  Kennedy

By: Chantell Ruffin

Born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline,  Massachusetts. Died on November 22, 1963 during a parade in Dallas, Texas.  

About Me

John F. Kennedy nicknamed "Jack" was the 35th president of the US.  He was the second son of nine children born to the multimillionaire business executive and financier Joseph P. Kennedy and his wife Rose F.  Kennedy.  John F. Kennedy attended the Canterbury parochial school and the Choate School.  He enrolled at Princeton University in 1935 and was forced to withdraw due to illness.  Upon his recovery he went to Harvard University and graduated.  Soon later he entered in the navy during WWII. On September of 1953, John married Jacqueline Bouvier from New York.    

Religious and Political Views

Being Roman Catholic, JFK was aware of the dangers of mixing religious and political institutions, and was a strong proponent of the separation of church and state.  Kennedy was a Democrat and a proud liberal.  His political challenges included the Cuban Missle Crisis, the civil rights movement, and the space race.

Close Friends and Associates

  • Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings (April 15, 1916- May 28, 1981) was the prep school roommate and lifelong friend
  • Kenneth Patrick "Kenny" O'Donnell (March 4, 1924- September 9, 1977) was a top aide to JFK and apart of Kennedy's close advisors called the "Irish Mafia"
  • Paul Burgess Fay, Jr. (July 8, 1918- September 23, 2009) was an close confident of President.  They met in the Navy, Paul was the United States Secretary of the Navy.  
  • James A. Reed a prominent Springfield attorney who served with John F. Kennedy in the South Pacific during WWII.  
  • Bernie Lyons was also a childhood friend of John F. Kennedy.  

Things you should Know

  • His father was near a terror attack just after JFK was born
  • He grew up partly in the Bronx
  • JFK played the role of movie producer
  • He was the only president to win a purple heart
  • JFK recorded conversations in the White House.
  • Kennedy was an experienced politician at a young age
  • He almost died twice before becoming president

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