There Once Was a Sumer 2013

A Journey Through Neverland and Back to Reality

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means forgetting."

The summer before my senior year was full of a lot of Netflix, music, and Homework. Throughout all of summer, I watched all of Sherlock, Arrested Development, Bob's Burgers, and three and a half seasons of Doctor Who. When I wasn't watching Netflix, I was rehearsing for the Logansport Junior Civic Players production of Peter Pan. In this production, I played Jukes the Pirate. I only had one line and died in the second scene of the third act, but I had a lovely time. I desperately miss the journey to Neverland every night. After Peter Pan was over, I spent the remaining week and a half working on my summer homework for AP World History. Somewhere in that horribly busy summer, I managed to spend some time with a few of my cousins in Fort Wayne. We went go-karting, lazer tagging, swimming, and of course we saw a few films at the cinema.

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