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Man Barges Into White House After Jumping Lawn Fence

Summary of story/link:

Late Friday night a 42 year old man, Omar Gonzalez jumped the lawn fence at the Obama residence, got past security and reached the front door and was inside for only a split second until security reached him. Luckily, Obama and his family had the left the building 4 minutes prior to this event. This isn't the first time either, Omar is known by the secret services for all the offenses he has committed in the past. Officers are being very cautious and thorough with there search to see if he dropped anything harmful during the process.

Ideals related to this story:

Liberty and opportunity are linked to this story

Liberty because it means the freedom to act or think without being limited by unnecessary  force. When Omar goes to jail he will be limited to what he can do because he will be in a confined space and there are guards that will always be very observant. This limits his freedoms. Also, opportunity because it means the promise that people should have the chance to attain their hopes and dreams. When he gets released from jail and wants to get a job or have a traditional lifestyle it will be problematic because no one will want to hire someone or socialize with a person with a cheap record. This prevents him from clutching his hopes and dreams.

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