By: Thérèse and Elhum

Manichaeans believe that God is the Father of Grandeur who dwells and possesses them so as to be identical and yet distinct from them, he rules the light world. They believe that there is a counterpart to the Father of Grandeur called the King of Darkness and he rules over the darkness and the underworld. They reject all of the Old Testament in the Bible and the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament, but they do accept some of the things in the New Testament.

Manichaeans believe that Adam and Eve were born from a female and male devil. The rest of the world was created by the fighting between the Messenger and the children of Darkness.

The human person's responsibility is to keep the body clean from blemishes by practicing self-denial and to aid in the purification of the universe.

Their beliefs oppose Christianity because they are completely opposite to what the Church believes and teaches. For example, the Manichaeans believe that marriage is a sin because it creates more beings with the "light" trapped in them, so it can't be set free. Another example is that they have two gods, the one that rules the light and the one that rules the darkness.

Theology of the Body can be used against them to explain how sacred marriage and unity are to life. It can explain that a man and a woman are meant to be together under the bonds of marriage to create children as an act of total love and giving to the other person and to God. Man and woman were not meant to be apart, unless it was to give themselves entirely to God.

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